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Bring Out Your Dead

Just got myself a Gizmondo from Amazon UK a few days ago. Quite a nifty device. Looks like the anti piracy protection was bypassed many moons ago and when the console officially died a small homebrew scene grew up.

Not much action recently but the scene does not seem to be dead. The console for my money is not as bad as many reviews made it out to be at the time. Seems to have a decent amount of power, the GPS and built in cam could not doubt have been used within games in novel and interesting ways. Of course I got it for £40, I may have been a bit less chuffed if I had got a full priced one when they initially came out.

Will do bit more of a write up when I have stopped playing around with it.

Amazingly I was talking about the Gizmondo recently and someone I know own up to getting a full priced one ….