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Cropping PDF Files With Briss

A large PDF


Good Heavens I have just looked up what Briss means. At long last the name now makes sense. Briss is a tool to cut down PDF page sizes while retaining the formatting. It does this by cutting away at the page, letting you cut away white space around the edges or taking a multi column page and turn it into a single thinner column.

Briss can be found here:

Other write ups about Briss can be found here:

Here is a very brief guide to Briss and why it might make your life a little better if you like reading things on devices with smaller screens. For the purposes of discussion the screen I am using is the 480×800 pixel screen of my Archos 70, which is a good 7 inches across the diagonal. This could also be handy for my Sony Reader I suppose.

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Metacreator and Savage Worlds

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I purchased Savage Worlds recently and quite like the look of it. More information can be found here. The Savage Worlds Game System Essentially it a a universal rules system for RPGs. Looks pretty good and I intend to test … Continue reading

Agricola. Farming to the MAX!!!

Tonight’s thrilling sessions of 5 player, family rules, Agricola had me coming up third with this farm. Next time get better improvements.

Agricola Farm

Agricola Farm