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Psion Revo Plus

I would still be using this today if it had a colour screen and a compact flash slot, which I could use for wireless access. The applications are brilliant. The ease of use is excellent. The range of software is impressive for a very elderly machine. But sadly time moves on. None of the newer machines have the same class as the old psion devices.

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3-Lib, for the Psion freeware and shareware library, with articles and information for all Psion and Symbian palmtops, smartphones and communicators, plus homegrown downloads, buying advice and recommendations. Technologies covered include SIBO (Series 3), EPOC (Series 5/Revo/Series 7, etc), GPRS, HTML, OPL, UIQ, Series 80 and Series 60. Manufacturers covered include Psion, Nokia and Sony Ericsson.

Psionology News, information and downloads for ALL Psion users

Various hints and tips that may be useful. A tricky site to find.

If I get the parts from eBay I may post about how to upgrade the Series 7.

I have upgraded the Series 7 to a malaybook using the instructions here. The system feels much nippier now. It doesn’t seem to recognise the extra RAM though. But there you go. Images should be up on my flickr gallery