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Cropping PDF Files With Briss

A large PDF


Good Heavens I have just looked up what Briss means. At long last the name now makes sense. Briss is a tool to cut down PDF page sizes while retaining the formatting. It does this by cutting away at the page, letting you cut away white space around the edges or taking a multi column page and turn it into a single thinner column.

Briss can be found here:


Other write ups about Briss can be found here:



Here is a very brief guide to Briss and why it might make your life a little better if you like reading things on devices with smaller screens. For the purposes of discussion the screen I am using is the 480×800 pixel screen of my Archos 70, which is a good 7 inches across the diagonal. This could also be handy for my Sony Reader I suppose.

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The Gizmondo As A Modern Handheld Console

Right then a slightly bigger write up of the Gizmondo scene as it is today. After a thorough few days of investigation.

Firstly these things still seem to be fairly easy to buy from both Amazon and eBay. Funnily enough Amazon does seem to be slightly cheaper. I got mine for about forty quid as I was aware that at least there used to be a homebrew scene once people learned how to run unsigned code.

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Devices & Desires

Most of the items on this page came from eBay.



Palm Lifedrive Mobile Manager

A good wee device. I mostly use it for game playing, watching TV programmes and listening to downloaded radio programmes and podcasts.

Here is my script I am currently using to convert downloaded movie files into a suitable format for watching on the Lifedrive. I suggest you use the core media player.

Movie to PDA Script

Have sold my lifedrive on eBay

Handspring Visor Edge


Photo group for Psion machines.

Psion Revo Plus

I would still be using this today if it had a colour screen and a compact flash slot, which I could use for wireless access. The applications are brilliant. The ease of use is excellent. The range of software is impressive for a very elderly machine. But sadly time moves on. None of the newer machines have the same class as the old psion devices.

The History of Psion

The History of Psion 2

Psion Support

Psion Archives

The Psion Place

EPOC Interactive Fiction Homepage

Find Them On Ebay

Revo Specifications

Psion Series 7

General Links


3-Lib, for the Psion freeware and shareware library, with articles and information for all Psion and Symbian palmtops, smartphones and communicators, plus homegrown downloads, buying advice and recommendations. Technologies covered include SIBO (Series 3), EPOC (Series 5/Revo/Series 7, etc), GPRS, HTML, OPL, UIQ, Series 80 and Series 60. Manufacturers covered include Psion, Nokia and Sony Ericsson.


Psionology News, information and downloads for ALL Psion users


Various hints and tips that may be useful. A tricky site to find.

If I get the parts from eBay I may post about how to upgrade the Series 7.

I have upgraded the Series 7 to a malaybook using the instructions here. The system feels much nippier now. It doesn’t seem to recognise the extra RAM though. But there you go. Images should be up on my flickr gallery

Sharp Zaurus 5500

Nice device. I did not find the keyboard very useful, being somewhat cack thumbed. The screen is nice and bright and very sharp. The applications seem to be limited. Though I am sure many at the Zaurus Users Group will argue. The main point is that there is not a good enough, well maintained, central depository of the best and brightest of current zaurus software. The ability to use both compact flash and secure digital (mmc) cards is very useful though.

As a quick contacts database and mobile game platform I found it very useful.

Zaurus User Group

ZUG Forums

Zaurus Software Index

Zaurus Spy

Open Zaurus

Find Me on Ebay

Zaurus Specifications

Handheld PCs

Handehld PC Forums

HPC Factor

Handheld Underground

Some HPC Links

Handheld PC Photo group.

HP Jornada 720

Sorry. I keep getting this wrong. Mine is actually a Jornada 710. Which is exactly the same as the 720 apart from the omission of a modem.

Heavier and not as svelte as the Psion Revo. I find the keyboard a bit more useful, the screen is 64k colours and the expansion is fairly impressive. Mainly gets used as a mobile web browsing device and something to play text adventures on, at least until I get the Mobile Pro 880 working.

HP Jornada 720 Handheld PC

HP Jornada 720 Hacking

HP Jornada 720 Review

Handheld Journey – Jornada


Have not tried this. It does not look like it is being supported anymore.

Find Them On Ebay

Jornada Specifications

NEC MobilePro 880

Just got mine yesterday from eBay. Both of the internal batteries seem to be fried. I am going to try and get it fixed up if I can, for less than the cost of the device. Initial impressions are quite good. It feels a tiny bit more sluggish than the Jornada but the bigger screen makes up for this. I can type at a reasonable speed on the keyboard which is nice as I intend to use it as a dedicated http://www.ifarchive.org/ interactive fiction] playing machine. With my friends Frotz and MagnetiCE.

The battery circuit is fried. I just received a brand new boxed battery from the US via eBay and it still registers no charge. I am not intending to spend any more money getting this thing sorted.

Handheld Journey – NEC

Official NEC Support Page

MobilePro 880 Review


Have not tried this yet. Might give this a go. From the instructions it does not look too difficult.

Find Me On Ebay

They don’t seem to be common in the UK at all.

MobilePro Specifications

Siemens SIMpad SL4

Have just recently, finally, got a working simpad sl4. From eBay, cost almost a couple of hundred quid but you can probably get them cheaper.

The device is lovely for what it is. A big touch sensitive screen suitable for web browsing, ebook reading and general day to day internet type tasks. The main problem is the age of the machine, the lack of support and the operating system.

The machine is old and no longer being produced. From browsing the internet it seems to have been most popular in continental Europe so some of the sites are in German. This means there is no longer any support for the machine.

The operating system is either HPC 2000 or Windows CE 4.1 depending on how lucky you are. HPC 2000 is easier to find software for, Windows CE 4.1 is easier to work with IMHO.

My Simpad Links

The internal specs are broadly simlar to the rest of the devices on this page. Will update photos soon.

Simpad Specifictions

Currently being flogged on eBay

Intermec 6651

Total Commander


Calligrapher 6.6


HPC Factor

No pictures yet.

Intermec 6651 Article

Intermec 6651 Review

Music – iRiver H320

The control interface for this device is quite awful. Almost as user freindly as a punch in the face. The ability to play most of the music files I throw at it is brilliant. Most of my collection being in ogg format. The sound quality is as good as any I have heard from a mobile device.


iRiver ihp-120: Linux Usage and Notes

MisticRiver :: For iRiver Enthusiasts


Apparently working on open source firmware for iRiver players.

H320 Specifications

Sony Ericsson f500i

I love everything about this phone except for two things. The keys are too hard and plasticy feeling, also the colour scheme is quite repulsive. Everything else is just right. The camera is good enough for quick snaps, call quality is good, user interface is not too bad, the screen and big, bright and clear.

The Phone

Developer Site

Club Sony Ericsson

SonyEricsson/Theme Files

RSS Orbit

Play Infocom Games

ZeeME Z Machine

f500i Specifications