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How To Brick A Treo 650

Thought I would try to fix up the rom on my Orange branded Treo 650.

This tool here looked handy:


Then I noticed you needed a sync cable with a hotsync button, which I do not have. Looked around for another method. Found this:


The codes only work for american non-gsm (cdma?) phones. For GSM codes you need to prefix the code with:

#* instead of ##

Woo Hoo I thought.

Tried the access bootloader code and have killed off my GSM. I suspect if I do not find a solution I will have to hard reset 😦

The problem with the dead GSM was caused by installing the MultiUser Hack. It stopped my phone from rebooting properly. Don’t use it with the Treo 650 in its current state.

Will write something when I have this thing working.

Palm Devices



Palm Lifedrive Mobile Manager

A good wee device. I mostly use it for game playing, watching TV programmes and listening to downloaded radio programmes and podcasts.

Here is my script I am currently using to convert downloaded movie files into a suitable format for watching on the Lifedrive. I suggest you use the core media player.

Movie to PDA Script

Have sold my lifedrive on eBay

Handspring Visor Edge