The Dangers of Dalmatians

101 Dalmations Cover

101 Dalmations Cover

This is a really good movie. One I have enjoyed thoroughly. More information can be found about it here:

One Hundred and One Dalmatians(1961)

The problem is dalmatians and children, in this case, do not mix very well.

My son, aged four, loves this movie. Some months ago it was Lilo & Stitch, then Finding Nemo, The Mr Men Christmas Special and more. Even when he was watching Lilo & Stitch and pretending to be Stitch he was not much trouble.

Apart from when he grew an extra pair of arms, but that is a story for another day.

101 Dalmatians has a brilliant set of baddies. The best of all being Cruella, the very epitome of evil.



She strides about London like a giant spider of … of … spidery evil. Little D (as I never call my son) has taken her mannerisms to heart and strides about the living room shrieking,

“Daaaaaling, I simply must have them. Ugh! The horrid little rats!”

And so forth.

If this is not enough he takes any nearby object longer than it is wide and pretends to smoke it. Telling me he is having a ‘breath of fresh air’ because that is what I told him when I used to smoke. While doing all this he is wearing Mrs D’s posh cardigan that swallows him like a giant whipped pudding.

Then we have Cruella’s bumbling incompetent lackeys.

Horace and Jasper

Horace and Jasper

Despite seeing this movies several times I still remain certain which is which.

Cruella and her lackeys do not get on. Them being the bumbling incompetents you would expect from a classic Disney movie.

At one point she screams.

“You IDIOT!”

To one of them.

This of course has become Little D’s favourite phrase and is used whenever he is given the opportunity. For example:

“Daddy can I play with the sharp knives in the kitchen?”

“No you can’t!”

“You IDIOT!”

As you can imagine this leads to many a trip to the naughty corner.

So in summary if you want your child to grow into a cross dressing, foul mouthed smoker let them watch 101 Dalmatians.

Alternatively you may want to let them watch Reservoir Dogs instead, which will at least teach them not to play with guns.

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