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Music – iRiver H320

The control interface for this device is quite awful. Almost as user freindly as a punch in the face. The ability to play most of the music files I throw at it is brilliant. Most of my collection being in ogg format. The sound quality is as good as any I have heard from a mobile device.


iRiver ihp-120: Linux Usage and Notes

MisticRiver :: For iRiver Enthusiasts


Apparently working on open source firmware for iRiver players.

H320 Specifications

Sony Ericsson f500i

I love everything about this phone except for two things. The keys are too hard and plasticy feeling, also the colour scheme is quite repulsive. Everything else is just right. The camera is good enough for quick snaps, call quality is good, user interface is not too bad, the screen and big, bright and clear.

The Phone

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ZeeME Z Machine

f500i Specifications