Evesham Cinebook

Installing Linux on an Evesham Cinebook

This guide was initially written quite a few years ago. If you have this machine it should pretty much work out of the box with any modern distro. Much of the following info is no longer useful. Though I still found for some distros I had to manually edit my xorg file to set the correct screen resolution. – Jan 08

Voyager Cinebook 1.5


Not so much an install guide since SuSE 9.0 Professional worked right out of the box for most things. Please read below for any particular problems I had with various aspects of the machine. Update

So far SuSE 9.1 Professional seems to be working well. Even better than 9.0 it almost supports the wireless centrino chip out of the box. All you need to do is download the firmware and install it into the correct directory. Download firmware from here http://ipw2100.sourceforge.net/

Please scroll down to the bottom to see the results of experiments with some different distributions.

This machine is basically the same as the MiTAC 8060 (M8060) laptop http://shop.store.yahoo.com/topmicrousa/mimi80incemo1.html

and the HI-GRADE Notino C6700-1500e.

Woo Hoo ! Now listed at http://tuxmobil.org/

System Details

The Evesham ( http://www.evesham.com ) cinebook.


* Mobile Intel Pentium 1.5GHz processor – M

No problems with this. Seems to work like a standard Pentium 4 processor. Apparently it is simply a modified Pentium III processor.

* 2 x 256MB DDR RAM

Very nice. Plenty to run Suse 9.0 at a fair lick. I have not yet opened up the base of the machine yet to see how easy it is to upgrade. There is a little hatch to allow access to the memory.

* Built-in audio and speakers

0000:00:1f.5 Multimedia audio controller: Intel Corp. 82801DB (ICH4) AC’97 Audio Controller (rev 03)

ALSA configured with intel-8×0 works fine out of the box. Speakers are puny.
Operating system

* Microsoft® Windows® XP Home Edition

I initially booted into windows after getting the laptop. Then used a disk partition tool to resize the NTFS partition down as far as it would go, which was about 15 Gig. The first boot took quite a long time so I suspect that it may have been converting a FAT partition to NTFS as I have heard some other laptops do.

With this in mind if intending to use Linux on this laptop it might be best to boot straight into Linux.

Hard disk

* 40GB hard disk

Can be upgraded. As far as I am aware it is a standard 2.5 inch drive. You can either upgrade on purchase or it looks fairly simple to change it yourself.

Graphics and Screen

* 64MB DDR nVIDIA GeForce FX Go 5200 graphics

Works well with the built in nv driver for xfree86. Works better with the binary drivers from http://www.nvidia.com. Please see my XF86Config file to see how to configure it. Pay particular attention to the modeline settings to allow xfree86 to run at the correct screen resolution.

glxgears is giving about 2600 frames per second. With the nvidia drivers and xorg 6.8.

15.2″ wide screen (15:10), WXGA+ TFT display

Very nice.


* DVD/CD-RW combo drive

I have the combo drive. This is how the Suse installation created my fstab file. So far I have tested CD writing – works fine and the DVD-RAM – which worked fine after doing some hunting aroung at http://www.google.com. It works fine as a DVD player. The combo drive is a very swish slot loader.

The CD drive can also be run without turning on the laptop. Sound via the built in speakers is weedy and not worth it. Plug in some headphones !

* 9 cel Li-Ion battery

I have just fried mine and had to send it back to evesham. I do not yet know if it was my fault or the battery was imply duff. The technical support so far has been good. Evesham have won quite a few awards for their tech support.

Network card

10/100 network card

Worked fine out of the box. Only used it very briefly till I got the built in wireless up and running.

Wireless Intel Mini PCI 802.11b LAN

Works with the drivers from linuxant. Also works well with the ipw2100 drivers. Though you will need to be connected to the network already to install these.


* v92 56k Internet ready modem

Standard built in modem. Never even tried to use it. Suse 9.0 promises built in support for many winmodems.

Standard software

* Microsoft® Works 7.0 (OEM) Pinnacle Instant CD/DVD, Studio 8 and DVD player

Hardly used it. Evesham did pre load the laptop with what looked like a fairly up to date set of patches and fixes. They also include a program called Bigfix which automatically collects reports about new fixes.

Dimensions and Weight

* 352mm x 260mm x 29.9mm (31.4 max)

Stunning looking wee machine.

* 2.7kg

Feels very light.

Command Outputs and the Like

The output of lspci

lspci output

lspci -v output

My module listing

lsmod output

I have added driverloader to make the centrino wireless section work find out more from http://www.linuxant.com

Here is my adapted XF86Config

You need to edit the XF86Config file to get the screen set at the correct resolution or everything looks just a little bit out of focus. I used an online modeline generator to get the new modelines I used.

Other Distros

Fedora Core 2


Seemed to install all right. I changed over from SuSE 9.1 as the automounter was doing my head in. Fedora core two needed some tweaking. The XFree86 server has been changed over to the xorg release and the nvidia drivers do not work with the default kernel. What I had to do was download a new kernel from linuxant (look for 8k stacks), then as root type init 3, and then run the nvidia installer. Then tweaked the xorg.conf file in /etc/X11 and it all seems to work. I also had to use the driverloader module from linuxant to get my centrino chipset working. This is probably just because I was too lazy to do anything else. Installing java was also a minor pain.

Sep 04

I believe the nvidia driver problem has been fixed with the most up to date drivers from nvidia.

I tried both Mandrake 9.2

Installed but I could not get the sound working.

Mandrake 10 Community Edition

Installed. But had various problems. Sound not working again. The XFree86 set-up was wonky. I had to download the nvidia drivers and do some minor editing to the config file to get a happy looking screen. Also does not detect the on-board LAN card correctly and tries to use the wrong module (as far as I remember it requires the 3c59x module). PCMCIA was not happy. On the whole I am looking forward to trying SuSE 9.1.

Fedora Core 1


FC1 refused to install at all. It claimed I had run out of disk space when trying to transfer the install image image to the HD. I think this may have been a problem with not letting the installer make it’s own partitions.

Another problem so far with the standard Suse kernel is that the PCMCIA cards do not work well (at all ?) if ACPI is enabled. Which is a problem if you are not wanting to buy the Linuxant driverloader and need to use a plugin wireless card. During a brief experiment with the 2.6 kernel they both seemed to work happily at the same time. I have tested this with the kernel to be used with the 9.1 release and it all works. The linuxant drivers hang the machine though with the updated kernel. Hopefully linuxant will release updated drivers when 9.1 actually comes out.
SuSe 9.1

This worked very well out of the box. The Centrino WiFi drivers worked very well.


I am not going to explain how to install gentoo. Even though I cheated and used Jollix http://www.jollix.de/en/en_home.html which made life a lot easier. Currently Gentoo works very well.

I had a problem with the battery which began dying. Evesham were quite good. I only had to send them the battery (not the whole machine) which they checked and then sent me a new one very quickly.

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