This is the script I used to download stuff from bleb. Pinched it from USEnet somewhere.

echo “-Remove old data.xml file if it exists…”
rm /tmp/data.xml
echo “-Download updated listings from…”
wget -q -O /tmp/ “, bbc2, itv1, ch4, five, bbc3, bbc4, bbc_news24, bravo, discovery, e4, itv2, living_tv, paramount, paramount2, scifi, sky_one, sky_one_mix, tcm, uk_bright_ideas, uk_drama, uk_gold, uk_history, uk_style, uktv_documentary, uktv_people, &file=zip”
echo “-Uncompress..”
cd /tmp
unzip -o /tmp/
echo “-Update MythTV..”
mythfilldatabase –file 1 -1 /tmp/data.xml

I don’t have to use this any more since they updated xmltv to use the radio times web site again.

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